The Acumen People Awards set out to recognise and showcase 7 – 17 year olds within your local community who have gone above and beyond and had a positive impact on the lives around them.

Nominate someone for their chance to win a place at our prestigious awards today!

You can nominate yourself or a friend, student, sibling, child or anyone else who fits the age criteria for an Acumen People Award.

Each nomination will be reviewed by our expert panel of judges and marked using a set formula, therefore it’s important that you read through and answer each question carefully.

Finalists will be revealed in early May and will be invited to attend our prestigious awards ceremony at The Old Ship Hotel on Friday 9th June 2023, where each winner will be announced and presented with a certificate and trophy of recognition along with two tickets to Brighton’s iconic i360.


Please note that the entries are now closed. Look out for future updates on this page.

Best Friend of the Year

The Award for Best Friend of the Year recognises someone who has always been there for you, someone you can always count on and someone who brings joy to your life.

Bravery Award

The Bravery Award recognises an individual who has shown incredible courage, perseverance, resilience, or selflessness in situations that would cause many adults to crumple in futility.

Fundraiser of the Year

The Fundraiser of the Year Award recognises an individual who has gone above and beyond to raise money for a cause or charity close to their heart. This person is a true champion of their cause, and their dedication is an inspiration to others.

School of the Year

The School of the Year Award recognises a school that has demonstrated excellence in academics, extracurricular, and/or community involvement.

Sibling of the Year

The Sibling of the Year Award recognises a brother or sister who demonstrates qualities of honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness towards their sibling and someone who is there in times of need and in times of celebration.

Sporting Achievement Award

The sporting achievement award recognises an individual who embodies a tremendously high level of dedication, skill, and achievement within a sport.

Sustainability Awards

The sustainability award recognises an individual who has proven valuable in their efforts to improve the environment and reduce waste either at school or home.

Teacher’s Choice Award

The Teachers’ Choice Award recognises a student who has made both a positive impact and exceptional quality and outstanding performance in the classroom and at home.

Young Carer of the Year Award

The Award for Young Carers recognises children who sacrifice their own needs in order to provide either physical care, emotional support, or financial assistance within their household.

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