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All You Need To Know About Parental Responsibility and Law

Parental responsibility is the legal responsibility to ensure a child is maintained, protected and supported. Parents with parental responsibility have a say in the most important factors in the child’s life, ranging from education, changing their name to where they live, and all those holding the responsibility must consent. For routine decisions, however, consent from all parties with parental responsibility is not required.


All You Need To Know About Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements (Prenup) are created and signed prior to a marriage or civil partnership. The intention of the Prenup is to safeguard the couple’s individual assets and plan how to split finances, assets and child arrangements, in the event of a divorce.


Mandatory Covid vaccines for care workers

The government are preparing to announce a mandatory covid vaccination for all care staff caring for older people with staff being required to have the jab within the next 16 weeks or face the consequences. The Care sector is facing a recruitment crisis and experts predict the new rules are…


Economic abuse is domestic abuse

Karma has put an end to the reign of terror of Geoff Metcalfe.  Karma and a very substantial fall from the roof of no 6 Coronation Street.  Fortunately there are faster and easier ways to identify and extract emotional and economic bullies from our lives.  This article is a basic…


5 Minutes with Emma Woodward

It’s been nearly two years since Emma Woodward, our Conveyancer, joined ACUMEN PEOPLE, so we thought it would be good to check in and see what’s changed since she joined. What better way to find out about all that’s going on with Emma and all things ACUMEN PEOPLE, than ask 14 questions in 5…


Looking to the future with the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION!

The 9th May saw the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION 2018 held at The Grand Hotel, Brighton bring wonder and insight to hundreds of delegates from far and wide. On 9th May the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION 2018 took place at The Grand Hotel, Brighton bringing wonder and insight to hundreds of delegates from far…


Launching In Style!

With Spring in the air these are very exciting times for Acumen as March saw the launch of ACUMEN PEOPLE, the brand new sister firm of the award-winning business specialist law firm, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW with offices in Hove and Gatwick. With Spring in the air these are very exciting times for Acumen as…


Top tips for selling your house

Make sure your humble abode is mess free. You don’t need to clear it of your personal belongings, you still want it to look like people live there but just think, no-one wants to view a property with yesterday’s breakfast spread across the dining room table. Ensure all curtains /…

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