Daniel Richards

Operations Director

Dan loves

  • The Gym
  • Manchester United
  • Computer Games
  • The Walking Dead
  • Good Whisky
  • Good Food

Daniel was a placement student with ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW for one year. It was such a perfect match that we wanted him back after graduating and Daniel re-joined in 2011 as the firms first Office Manager but not for long! He was on fast track promotion and was appointed as the Firm’s Operations Manager where his key experience in business development and understanding the firm throughout, can be applied.

Daniel’s main role is to ensure that ACUMEN LAW offices, both in Brighton and Gatwick, continue to run beautifully so that the solicitors can carry out their work to the highest standard. Daniel is also the organiser and coordinator of the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION and the ACUMEN BUSINESS CLUB, maintains the website, develops new computer systems, plans and oversees all administrative support for the company, supervises new initiatives and projects and is responsible for the employment and the development of the new intake of placement students.