Economic abuse is domestic abuse

28 April 2021

Karma has put an end to the reign of terror of Geoff Metcalfe.  Karma and a very substantial fall from the roof of no 6 Coronation Street.  Fortunately there are faster and easier ways to identify and extract emotional and economic bullies from our lives.  This article is a basic survival guide.

Coronation Street and Financial Coercive Control

Like Yasmeen, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief as abusive husband Geoff met his demise, plummeting onto the unforgiving cobbles of Coronation Street. 

For months we easily identified Geoff’s controlling and coercive behaviour against Yasmeen

However identifying this bullying was not easy for Yasmeen, after relentless brainwashing by Geoff

  • Isolating her from the support of her family and friends.
  • Undermining her self confidence and self esteem by spurious criticism of her.
  • Policing her movements during the day.
  • “Gaslighting” her, to cause her to doubt her own sanity, and ignore the red flags.

However like Yasmeen, over 80% of domestic abuse cases also feature economic abuse.

One in five UK adults has experienced economic abuse by a current or former partner

Common features of economic coercive control might include –

  • Denying your financial privacy – checking your bank statements
  • Asking to see your receipts from shopping
  • Controlling your spending
  • Persuading you not to train to improve your career prospects
  • Sabotaging your job opportunities
  • Taking sole ownership of all assets
  • Takingsole control ofjoint bank accounts
  • Controlling your use of credit cards
  • Spending freely, whilst limiting your spending to an “allowance”
  • Running up a debt by fraudulently obtaining credit / loans in your name

This is clearly abusive behaviour, and no one deserves treatment of this sort.

Steps you can take

  1. The website has information and resources to assist you in cases of economic abuse.
  2. You can call the police – do not forget that coercive and controlling behaviour is a criminal offence
  3. For those of low income, domestic abuse is one of the few areas of law where legal aid normally will be available
  4. AND DO NOT FORGET – you can ask us for help
  • To prevent your partner contacting you directly or indirectly

A non molestation order prohibits a partner from using or threatening violence against you or your children or being intimidating, harassing or pestering

Breach of a non molestation order is a criminal offence

  • To remove your partner from the home or returning to the area around your home

An occupation order sets out who can live in the family home and can also restrict someone from entering the area around the home.

It can also impose obligations on your partner relating to the repair and maintenance of the house or to payment of the rent or mortgage

  • To prevent your partner dissipating marital assets

A S37 freezing order can restrain your spouse from disposing of assets that may become the subject of proceedings

Let us know if we can help you.

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