5 Minutes with Emma Woodward

28 February 2020

It’s been nearly two years since Emma Woodward, our Conveyancer, joined ACUMEN PEOPLE, so we thought it would be good to check in and see what’s changed since she joined. What better way to find out about all that’s going on with Emma and all things ACUMEN PEOPLE, than ask 14 questions in 5 minutes? Read on below to find out to uncover the inside of Emma’s residential mind!

  1. When did you join ACUMEN PEOPLE?

September 2018

  1. Has anything changed since you joined?

The team has expanded and we hope it will continue to expand over the next year or so, which is exciting! As we have been so successful in retaining our clients and getting new clients, this has definitely helped the company to grow. Can’t wait to see what else the next year brings!

  1. What is one thing about ACUMEN that you think people might not know?

I think people might not know that every single client is personal to us, every email or call we put effort and thought into. I know a lot about my clients and I feel as though I know them on a personal level, I’ll instantly recognise their voices for example and know their numbers off by heart pretty much! This means I can give a more personal touch to the call instantly, as I’ll always know who is on the other end.

  1. What’s the best thing about working in Conveyancing?

The best thing is helping people secure their dream home. Even if there’s a particular transaction that isn’t as smooth as others it’s really rewarding to get it done and give the great news to the clients. The estate agents are all lovely too, we’re lucky to have such a good working relationship with all of the different services that we use.

  1. Isn’t conveyancing a bit repetitive?

Wow. I couldn’t think of anything being further from the truth. Every client and every property is different. Just recently I had a client who was buying which, from their perspective, was a very standard property; only 20 years old, detached and freehold so nothing unusual at first inspection. I quickly found out that it had an access issue – they didn’t have a legal right to access their rear garden as the neighbouring property actually owned the land and there was no right of way. I love fitting the pieces of the puzzle together by identifying issues and working out the best solution to get clients into their new homes.

  1. If you could change one thing about Residential Conveyancing law, what would it be?

I would probably change the Law for Leasehold properties; the managing agents should not be able to charge hundreds of pounds to put together Leasehold information that the Leaseholder is entitled to. I think that’s really unfair on the people simply trying to sell their home, and sometimes it can cause people to feel locked into a property that they feel they can’t sell due to the amount of hurdles placed in between them and selling.

  1. What makes us different to other solicitors?

There are lots of things but one of them is certainly that I always hear of people struggling to get hold of their solicitor. Either they go through to a customer service team or have to speak with a secretary and not the actual conveyancer. At Acumen you get our direct contact details and I personally update my clients. We build a relationship with all our clients which helps us understand their personal situation and ensure we can do everything possible to consider what is most important to them whilst getting the matter completed as soon as possible.

  1. What would be your dream home?

Somewhere on the beach with a big garden!

  1. If you have one piece of advice to give buyers, first time or experienced, what would it be?

Make sure that you view the property just before you exchange contracts to make sure that nothing has changed with the property, and that the property is in the condition you expected it to be so there’s no hidden surprises! Also, make sure you get a surveyor in.

  1. What was the last gift you gave someone?

I gave my sister a big bunch of flowers and a nice photo of us both to ask her to be my Maid of Honour.

  1. When you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you do?

I love walking along the Downs with my mum and her dog except when he gets lost in badger holes and we have to wait on average 40 minutes for him to turn up!

  1. What is something you have learnt in the last week?

In the last week, I have done my first hit class at the gym and learnt never to go back! I’m also currently reading a self-development book so I’ve learnt to implement some of the tips to my life, both when working or not.

  1. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn how to fly a plane.

  1. Lastly, what makes you a ‘lawyer of a different kind’?

I am very personable and I understand clients and their concerns, I genuinely care and want them to meet their goals. I want to make the process of buying and selling a house as easy and stress free as possible. I really like speaking to clients – I feel it makes me understand the individual client’s needs more.

If you need help purchasing or selling your home, please email Emma on [email protected] or call her on 01273 526 507.

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