Looking to the future with the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION!

14 May 2018

The 9th May saw the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION 2018 held at The Grand Hotel, Brighton bring wonder and insight to hundreds of delegates from far and wide.

On 9th May the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION 2018 took place at The Grand Hotel, Brighton bringing wonder and insight to hundreds of delegates from far and wide and it was an absolute pleasure for ACUMEN PEOPLE to be involved as sponsor.

This year the spectacular line up proved to be revolutionary, looking at future business trends and how these affect business both now and going forward. With the advancement and increased use of AI technologies the fascinating speakers gave valuable insight on what’s important in future proofing your business.

The day kicked off with a bang (literally!) as Clatteratti performed their tribal drums building up to a crescendo to start the show in style. You can find out about the day in full here.

The outstanding Holly Tucker MBE, Founder of Not on the High Street, featured as the keynote. She shared her incredible business journey highlighting what is most important along with her passion for small businesses for the future.

Harriet of ACUMEN PEOPLE commented, “What a woman – such an inspirational talk & incredible to hear her life story at today’s Convention!” and added, “The day has been full of inspiration with so much opportunity. I have made many new business connections and look forward to welcoming them to the Acumen family. Roll on next year!”

The ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION gives the business community motivation, inspiration, essential business know how and valuable new connections. It is great exposure for any business and the sponsorship brings a wealth of opportunity and kudos.

To find out how to get involved next year and for more information please contact [email protected]

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