Top tips for selling your house

26 October 2017

Make sure your humble abode is mess free.

You don’t need to clear it of your personal belongings, you still want it to look like people live there but just think, no-one wants to view a property with yesterday’s breakfast spread across the dining room table. Ensure all curtains / blinds are open; you want to keep all rooms light and airy and it’s best to get rid of unwanted smells with room spray / candles.


Chose the right one! Always meet them in person, that way you can ensure they seem good honest professional people. Do you trust everything they say? Can they answer your queries and questions without hesitation? Can you see yourself, your agent and your solicitor working well together as a team? Ask to see the photos your estate agent has taken of your property – are you happy? Give your opinion and be actively involved. It is vital you agree your agents’ commission fee and this is stated in the contract before you proceed with your house sale.


Many people believe there are good and bad times to sell a property. It is suggested that winter is to be avoided as you tend to see a lack of viewings due to the colder weather and especially around Christmas, people tend to have a lot less spare cash. Some believe you should avoid selling during summer as the school holidays can slow down the process. So as you can see it doesn’t leave much…

Our personal view is that it is all down to you when you feel is the right to sell for you and your personal circumstances. Of course a lot depends on the market too, when the market is buoyant it is easier to sell than when it’s not. So providing you surround yourself with the right team – estate agent, solicitor, surveyor, lender then it should be possible to sell your property during any time of the year.

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