The truth behind the myths of conveyancing…

25 October 2017

When it comes to conveyancing, the earlier you instruct your solicitor the better!

This saves any delay once an offer has been accepted and the transaction can progress almost instantly.

During the conveyancing process you will be presented with Fixtures & Fittings Form, Property Information Form & Leasehold Information Form. While they sound dull, they are all very important. These are to be filled in to the best of your knowledge and it is best to take your time to ensure the most accurate information is included. It is important that you have a solicitor that is accessible and that you feel comfortable to contact so, for example, if you needed any assistance with the forms your solicitor should provide you with assistance.

“The most expensive mistake I’ve ever made was using a cheap lawyer” a client once told us. So do watch out for seemingly “cheap” quotes. When you are provided with a quote ensure you ask whether this is just the solicitor’s basic fee or whether it includes all the additional disbursements (i.e. searches, stamp duty, land registry fee). You do not want to end up in a situation where during the transaction you are continually asked for additional funds. The cheap “factory firms” are often overworked and your precious new home is just ‘another file in the pile’ and speed won’t be of the essence.

Here at Acumen People, every matter is precious and our aim is to help you make your new house a home as quickly as possible without compromising your legal position.

Give us a call to have an initial chat and see how we can help on 01273 526507.

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